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Specializing in Realism and Detail

Heather Gellately has been working in the Tattoo industry since 2006. Her tattooing career now spans a full 11 years in the industry starting on skin in 2008. 

She specializes in Highly Realistic and  Detailed tattoos, Custom Design and Freehand Design. Heather Gellately is also exceptionally versed in both high color and high contrast black and grey tattoos.


Heather truly believes that its not just about the design of a tattoo which makes the piece amazing, but just as important, the placement of the art on the body and how it flows with/highlights the clients body. "An amazing tattoo accentuates the muscles and highlights the clients best physical features. I really enjoy this free handing and highlighting clients physical assets to truly create beauty. Making everyone beautiful around me, that will be my life." 


She is very dedicated to her career and works an exceptional amount of time, both in and out of the studio. This allows her to bring her clients vision to life and help them to create their dream tattoo.


Heather completed a lengthly professional tattoo apprenticeship, in a busy professional tattoo studio with several of the best tattoo artists in Western Canada.

She boasts a traditional tattoo apprenticeship, overseeing the front end of a busy professional tattoo studio for over 3 years before being able to begin professionally tattooing under her teachers close supervision and guided direction. Heather began winning awards amongst her peers after only tattooing for 2 years.

In her career she continued ton further educate herself from several of the top professionals in tattooing, working alongside them in several tattoo studios soaking up all of the tattooing knowledge and techniques from her mentors and peers.


 " After my professional apprenticeship, I was offered a job at another studio with artists of better skill, so I would give my otice at my studio and start at the new one. I would learn closely under the artists, soaking up as much technique and knowledge as I could. Then after a year or two, I would be offered a better pay at a studio with artists of better skill, so I would leave my studio to move on to the new one. Again learning and soaking up knowledge. I had an opportunity to work with two of my best friends in the tattoo industry. I jumped on the opportunity immediately, and my career was filled with so much laughter and fun. The three of us were inseperable.  I moved to the beautiful Okanagan to Open my own tattoo studio and I miss my best friends terribly. I built the tattoo studio of my dreams in those of the most beautiful places on the planet! And I amcommitted to continuing to educate myself in my field of professional safe tattooing. I am committed to continuing to grow as Professional artist."


Artist Heather Gellately, now celebrates her career of tattooing for over 10 years, full time as a professional tattoo artist.


She is Fully trained in the proper techniques of Safe and Sterile Tattooing. She is also Professionally trained and certified in Blood Borne Pathogens and Cross-Contamination. Professionally Certified at SAIT , Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, in Calgary Ab. Heather is fully trained and certified in the proper health standards and safe techniques of tattooing, to guarantee her clients a sterile and safe tattoo experience.

Heather has also worked together with the Alberta Health board to create higher standards for the professional tattoo community.


Heather uses only the highest quality supplies that are from the top manufactures in Canada. Her color pigment is also of the highest professional grade available which she buys from Europe.


Heather Gellately has attended and tattooed in many of the top tattoo conventions in Canada. A few of her awards include, "Best Tattoo of the Day" and "1st Place Small Black and Grey".


In 2014 Heather saw the need in the Okanagan for her specialized style of tattooing . She then moved from Alberta to Kelowna Bc to open her studio "Platinum Tattoo" in the downtown centre. Through Heather's hard work and dedication, Platinum Tattoo quickly became one of the top professional studios in Kelowna.


After several years of being the owner and manager of a busy studio, overseeing multiple artists as staff , and while continuing tattooing full time throughout, Heather decided that managing a large studio and staff while also continuing to draw and tattoo full time, just wasn't for her. She found managing a large studio took time away from her clients and ultimately from her art, which is where her love in the industry lies. Therefore she relocated the studio to a better location in downtown Kelowna ,and to a more appropriate space ,suitable to give her clients the one-on-one attention, that she's has stated they truly deserve . Her clients have stated how much they truly enjoy the move and the one-on-one time she makes available just for them , their artwork and their tattoos. 


Platinum Tattoo and Heather Gellately are planning to host several charity events for the community, this upcoming spring and summer 2019. Heather is a large believer that you need to give back to the community in response to it giving to you. 


Heather Gellately extends a warm thank you to all of her amazing clients, and to all of the educated and trained tattoo professionals in the tattoo industry. "We have created an amazing tattooing community , and ultimately, an epic Tattoo Family. I am so proud to be in this amazing tattoo community, which spreads the love of art, into the forefront of everyones lives and hearts." ~ Heather Gellately - Platinum Tattoo

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