by  artist Heather Gellately

14g: Straight, Titanium Barbell for Tongue Piercings. Hypoallergenic
  • 14g: Straight, Titanium Barbell for Tongue Piercings. Hypoallergenic


    14g: Straight, Titanium Barbells for Tongue / Nipple Piercings. 

    Hypoallergenic Titanium.

    Colors: Available in Black, Multicolor, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

     Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm 


    A BASIC guide Healed piercing jewlery sizes for MOST clients are as follows:

    (of course there can always be exceptions to this rule,

    but for the most part, all of us humans are built close to the same ;))

    Male nipple : 14g 3/8" length

    Female Nipple14g 1/2 or 14g 5/8

    Male Frenum and Female Hood : 14g 3/8

    Tongue : 14g 1/2


    These are High Quality, Professional Piercing Grade, Titanium Barbells.

    Titanium barbells are not "coated" with a color that could chip or fade. These Hypoallergenic Beauties are the color that you see, all the way through the barbell. Therefore, These professional grade barbells will not have the color chip away from constant use.

    Titanium barbells are not only labelled as "Hypoallergenic", (and are polled to not bother clients who have a nickel allergy), they are guaranteed to last an entire lifetime of use.


    All orders will be packaged and shipped out to you ,1-2 days after the order is completed. Please allow 3 weeks shipping time during 2020 in the pandemic. 

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